Finding Tillable Land in a Digital Era

Since the year 2000 I have immersed myself in the digital aspects of various industries. Growing up in a fairly small town, I was involved in creating a new internet service provider. To my surprise, I was constantly contacted by rural property owners and farmers of tillable land requesting internet service. As the customer base grew I noticed that the agriculture community embraced technology more rapidly than anyone in town seemed to realize. Farmers, landowners, and ag professionals were accessing data and information on crops, livestock, markets, and weather to help them make daily and real-time decisions.


Old habits get a face lift for finding Tillable ground in the us.

Enabling owners of tillable land and farmers alike to share information didn’t change the fact that they still honored tried and true handshake-type deals and were slow to transfer brick and mortar processes into electronic ones. Fast forward roughly 20 years, and agricultural lease technology in the tillable land market has certainly come a long way… but the art of the deal and relationship is still handled on a handshake basis.


Reinventing Tradition to improve the bottom of Farmers and Landowners

Cash Rent’s system helps unite farmers and landowners of tillable ground through our online marketplace that allows the handshake to go digital. The key to keeping the honor and trust of the personal handshake in the digital age is by allowing full transparency, competition, and efficiency into the tillable land management market. One has to appreciate the honor and integrity of the handshake. My business side wants to help extend relationships with the use of technology, while keeping the integrity of the handshake intact and ultimately improving the bottom line for farmers and owners of tillable land.

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